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When you live with an autoimmune disease, or more, there is just never enough support information. There is no one model for most of the 80 plus conditions that plague over fifty million people in the United States. Auto-immunity has no respect for age, race, condition, education or economic status. More women and children develop these diseases but there are plenty to go around for men as well.

Because each person has their own slightly unique disease design the hunt for new forms of symptom relief is ongoing. Each year the Living with Autoimmunity program strives to offer the latest in hopeful autoimmune disease research. Key noting on May 19, Jane Buckner MD, Associate Director of Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason and a leading expert in translational research explained that progress was surging ahead on the back of technology. Yes, it is to be computers rather than test tubes and slides that will yield the next big breaks going forward. Extraordinary amounts of personal information are be loaded onto tiny chips with nano-receptors and in mere moments processed to produce fact stories that give direction and hope for the next medical milestone; that which can make each day for a patient just a little better.

How to best manage the search for appropriate health professionals as well as the ensuing appointments was given new light by Beth Droppert, RN, BSN and founder of Allied Health Advocates. She focused on how to organize and prepare to locate a best support team and how to gain the most from each face to face. Often identifying and diagnosing an autoimmune disease is as challenging as finding the best treatment.

We are often told “we are what we eat”. At the least what we eat contributes greatly to who we become. That sentiment was repeated and enlarged upon by Kathy Abascal, BS, JD, a professional herbalist and the author of The Abascal Way where she discloses the importance of diet relative to autoimmune conditions. Abascal shared her personal story of regaining health through discipline and empowerment stemming from straight forward improvements in diet. She offers classes to share her program and encourage hope and improvement for those living with chronic diseases.

The program, including lunch was enhanced by a panel of patients representing a variety of autoimmune conditions including type 1 diabetes, alopecia, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Questions from the audience spotlighted individual areas of inquiry and interest.

A follow-up survey suggested a strong sense of satisfaction from those attending. Plans are underway for Living with Autoimmunity 2013. Please watch for announcement of details and plan to join us.

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